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Free Yoga Videos

I recommend Yoga practice – at whatever level a person can begin – to just about all of my clients. Although the mental / emotional benefits of a regular Yoga practice are seldom the main things emphasized by Yoga trainers, I think mental and emotional fitness are one of the best reasons to do Yoga regularly.

In the Western world, we live in a society built around instant gratification and instant relief of any discomfort or bother. Our ability to function in anything other than perfect mental and physical comfort has been eroded – replaced by a sort of neurotic attention to comfort as though comfort was an end in itself.

The vast industrialized world marketing machine suggests to constantly search our environment for sources of discomfort – and then spend time, money, and effort to address each discomfort – or even any possibility of discomfort. What many people don’t realize is that the mental preoccupation with finding discomforts and experiencing those as excuses for buying things we don’t need – that’s not reality. It’s a contrived perception, installed by marketers who want us to buy consumable products – to essentially rent comfort from them.

Regular Yoga practice invites a person to extend their ability – their emotional mastery – to feeling comfortable by being in charge of their own mind. Regular Yoga practice allows a person to find and connect with the comfort that lives inside them – the comfort they OWN – rather than constantly renting comfort from hundreds of outside sources that are trying to sell you a consumable product. This is what I consider the main benefit of regular parctice, though the physical benefits of a regular Yoga practice are great, too. After almost a year, our bodies are still changing in some really happy ways.

My friend, Dashama is offering some free Yoga videos on-line at her site

You’ll see another link to her site to the right of this blog post – the girl on the beach, there. That’s Dashama, promoting her 30-day Yoga challenge. That was the video package that got us started with regular Yoga practice.

We have some of her vids – which helped us get started in Yoga practice – and which we still use and refer to. Her presentation is really encouraging, and free is a good price.

You can check out her free vids at:

Like anything called “practice”, this is something a person wants to invest some time in. I recommend any new self-development activity receive a commitment of at least 90 days, and during that time, I recommend keeping a journal of consistency of practice along with the positive influences and outcomes that you produce for yourself through self -investment.

Happy futures!

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