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      Releasing Guilt


      If you are suffering from guilty feelings - perhaps even sabotaging part of your life due to guilt - this program is for you.

    • Breech Turn Mp3


      This Transforming Trance™ audio program is the home-listening breech turn Mp3 for Birthing clients whose magical day is approaching, and their baby needs encouragement to achieve that perfect birthday position. Do not use this audio unless directed by your Birthing coach.

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      Hypnosis for Birth


      Save 40%

      Giving birth doesn't have to be a painful - or drug-clouded experience. Giving birth can be calm and enjoyable. We'll show you how!

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      The Adventures of Your Life - and how to Tell Them

      from $399.00

      In just seven short classes, you will discover the Secrets of Super-Success. Have you ever wondered about the differences between people who are effective, successful, and fulfilled - and those who aren’t? In just a few classes, discover the adventures of YOUR life - and find the best version of you - the most effective, the most successful and the most fulfilled you that you were meant to be.

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