The Adventures of Your Life

…and How to Tell Them

Have you ever wondered about the differences between people who are effective, successful, and fulfilled and those who aren’t?

Have you ever wondered about the differences between the best parts of your life – and the parts that aren’t so good?

Have you ever wished your life was more excitement and adventure – than anxiety and struggle?

peak performanceWhat if you could learn the differences and become the author of your life’s adventures – instead of the victim of life’s misfortunes?

 The Adventures of Your Life – and How to Tell Them is a 7-week learning and growing experience, where people discover within themselves the power to do just that.

“I’m healthier than ever, and my energy level has helped my business.” – Jim R.

Members of this program will get to use the fastest and most powerful techniques from the Motivational Literacy® system – and receive direct coaching from the system’s creators.

In this innovative class, you could learn to turn anxieties into excitement and procrastination into proactive progress.

You will also learn the ten-second to-do-list-trick that helps turn off overwhelm – and put you into the driver’s seat of a virtual Maserati of motivation.

“You simplify what seemed complicated.” – Ron

How well do you deal with frustration?

You may already know dealing with frustration is one of the keys to being effective and successful. But, did you know that managing frustration is done mostly by an emotional autopilot – and your autopilot can be easily set to insure you make the right choice!

“I enjoyed practicing, I went live, and I finished positive!” – Liz (professional day-trader)

These are just a few of the tips, tricks, and techniques we’ve collected over a decade while decoding the biology and psychology behind some of today’s most successful people. These are some of the most powerful techniques our clients have paid as much as $300 per hour to learn – techniques that have helped with weight loss and fears – with building peak business and athletic performance – techniques for supercharging life fulfillment.

“I’ve had breakthroughs of life altering proportions as a result of your direct work with me.” – M. Royster

Life is supposed to be a triumph

– not a toil. If you’re not yet fully enjoying the adventures of your life, it’s time to learn how to tell them.

SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES – and we’ve got seven weeks worth to share with you.

“I found the frame of reference very empowering – I’m excited about everything that’s happening!” – Steve

Private coaching time with our team presently costs $300 per hour, and professional organizations pay me upwards of $9,000 for me to share just a few of these ideas.

But, by joining this class, you can get the fine cutting-edge of our very best Motivational Literacy® material for UNDER $20 per hour.

In this exclusive one-time offering, the whole seven weeks will cost far less than a single private coaching session!

Seating is limited, so, join the group quickly to learn some of the most powerful secrets of personal effectiveness, success, and ultimate fulfillmentstraight from the coaching and hypnosis team that developed them!

The Adventures of Your Life – and How to Tell Them is an adventure of discovery into creating and living as your very best self – and to enjoying that process while it’s happening.

You have nothing to lose but the pessimism, boredom, anxiety, and procrastination that used to hold you back.

“Now, I can overcome any obstacle because I am aware of what my mind can do” – Levi F.

Invest in yourself and the adventures of your life – by attending just seven friendly, social evenings lasting between 60 and 90 minutes each.

Your seven-week Adventure begins Tuesday, November 1, at 6:00 pm at 1010 Main St. in Klamath Falls – and will continue eachTuesday at the same time and place, through December 13.

Join the adventure Now:

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