Achieve Peak Performance

Athletes, executives, and other successful people throughout history acknowledge the importance of the inner game to achieve peak performance. It’s one of the keys to success!

Knowing how to build confidence and reduce stress and distraction can make the difference between being a champion or being an also-ran – the difference between landing that dream job – or being just another face in the crowd.

peak performance

Boxer Ken Norton used hypnosis training before his jaw-breaking victory over Mohammed Ali. Iron Mike Tyson used hypnosis before every fight, including when he knocked out Michael Spinks – until the match with Buster Douglas when Tyson’s hypnotist wasn’t on hand – and Douglas knocked Tyson out.

Home run champion Mark McGwire, Tennis star Jimmy Connors, Golfing greats Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus all used hypnosis to enhance their performance.

Actor, Kevin Costner has his own hypnotist that he generally works with and had him flown in to cure his sea sickness while filming Water World.

The key to success in life is achieving peak performance consistently, and that means matching the physical body, the mental focus, and the emotional state to the activity.

Hypnosis is an ideal way of achieving this in the shortest possible time because mastering the motivations that generate action masters the actions that generate results!

If that kind of successful strategy is good enough for the world’s top athletes, actors, and business professionals isn’t it about time you learned what they already know?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for peak performance in an athletic endeavor, in school, or in the boardroom, when you are ready to achieve the Motivational Literacy® to take your game to the hypnotic next level, contact us to schedule your FREE SCREENING and determine that you qualify for our coaching.