The Rest of Your Life

Sleep like a baby

Remember what it was like to sleep like this?

If you suffer insomnia maybe not. And, many of the chemical insomnia cures can be habit-forming or interfere with concentration.

If you suffer insomnia – and who want to get back to having deep satisfying rest – and without drugs – this program can have you sleeping like a baby.

In our experience, most insomnia symptoms can be easily remedied – without drugs – by simply learning how to sleep.

It may sound strange, but that skill can be learned.

The REST of Your Life is a progressive training system to make you a black-belt in the restorative art of sleep.

Over ten years helping people with insomnia, we’ve addressed all the typical issues, and built a program that helps resolve them:

  • Do you have a chaotic bedtime – and so a chaotic success with getting rest?
    Learn to fix this during week 2.
  • Does it take you a long time to get to sleep?
    Week 3 will teach you conquer this using our unique Fast Asleep™ program.
  • Does your mind race with work-related issues when you should be sleeping?
    Banish this aggravating problem in week 4 – with a bit we call “No More Night Shift”.
  • Do noises bother your sleep – either at home or when traveling?
    In week 5, you’ll learn to become virtually immune to night noises when I share a program I developed for myself, to deal with noises while traveling.
  • Do you have problems with nightmares – or wake up “on the wrong side of the bed”?
    In week 6 you’ll get two-for-one package, with both nightmare relief – and a proven program for waking up “on the right side of the bed”.These programs come together because “wrong side of the bed” issues sometimes come from nightmares we haven’t even remembered.Waking up on the Right Side of the Bed is vital for health and well-being, because the emotional state we begin the day with sets the chemical and physiological condition that the rest of the day will grow from. This program is highly recommended by clients who use it.

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Do you wonder how the most highly creative and productive people solve their most tricky puzzles and find their best ideas while sleeping restfully? (It’s true)

Do you wonder how a person could learn to do that?

Sign up for the Rest of Your Life today and get our exclusive bonus: The Creative Unconscious – an extra full week of training in advanced sleeping skills.

Get your Unconscious Mind to do your best creative stuff – in your sleep!

We spent many years creating the content of these programs – as we helped clients resolve their sleep issues, and maximize their creativity and productivity – and we have had 100% success.

What Our Clients Say:

“Thank you so much! I’ve been using this and it works so well.” – MBT

I’ve been listening with enthrallment to the sleep programs and have already made changes to the physical space and bed-time practices. (week 1)
– Charles

“Now I fall asleep before I know it – and so soundly.” – Cheryl C

“I tried your technique last night and I fell asleep within two minutes of starting it. Simply fantastic.” – Sean C

“Thank you very much. You helped me get my sleep back.” – S.S.

I am much more active and even my dreams are getting nicer! This is so easy to follow and has so much effect!
– Bhav

Risk Free Guarantee

We are so confident that this program will work for you that we offer a no questions money back guarantee.

All we ask is that you follow the program exactly for the first two full weeks.

If the quality of your sleep doesn’t improve by the end of those first two weeks, we’ll refund your enrollment in full.

You have nothing to lose but your insomnia.

Are you ready to get past your insomnia – and back to sleeping like a baby?

sleep like a baby again

Get Seven Weeks of cutting-edge sleep education and training, with TWENTY THREE supporting audio files. Put these on your phone or other player and carry them with you to listen and get deep rest on airplanes, in hotels, or even at home.

Enjoy audio programs with brainwave entrainment technology to slow your mind down and get you into that deep, restorative sleep you need.

When we first offered this program it cost $349and was available only to private clients and professional referrals.

Right now, get the full seven weeks of sleep coaching – and deep relaxing sleep for the “Rest of Your Life” –

Sign up for the Rest of Your Life
now just $199

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