Who Are Your Hypnotists in Oregon?

Athletes that want to achieve peak performance know they need a coach. That’s why top-achieving athletes, investors, artists, and executives all seek experts in mind-body science, psychology, creativity, communication, emotions, and motivation – to help them rapidly reach the next level in personal development and performance.

Hypnotists and Executive Coaches provide these specialized skills to engage the influence of the specialized processes of the right brain. We help people adjust beliefs and habits, and fine-tune their motivational powers to maximum efficiency.

This can improve everything from study habits and memory to self esteem and social anxiety – to quitting smoking, losing weight – exercise motivation and improving your golf drive – or even building better business management skills.

john bailey

John Bailey, co-founder of Transforming Changes, is known for his innovative systematic approach to personal development as well as his humorous and dynamic presentations.

A successful entrepreneur and martial arts instructor with over thirty five years experience in the art of Aikido, John has been helping people increase personal effectiveness, increase self esteem, and find the keys to success for nearly three decades. He has coached and written extensively on bullying behavior – and how parents, teachers, and kids can better understand and cope with it.

Since 1998, John has trained with some of the biggest names in the personal growth field, including Richard Bandler, John LaValle, Michael Bennett, and Janis Ericson.

As an experienced executive coach, John provides business consulting services for small entrepreneurs and major corporations; has written for nationally-recognized trade journals (including Martial Arts Professional Magazine); and is sought-after as a motivational speaker and instructional presenter by professional organizations.

John is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of NLP licensed through the Society of NLP. He is a certified Executive Coach and has served as a member of various professional organizations.

John is co-developer of the Motivational Literacy® system for personal effectiveness. Contact John now to arrange a CONSULTATION!

“There’s no question the training you helped me with has meant a whole new level of possibility…” – Mike R., Professional Consultant

“This journaling script is awesome. I would like to say Thank You for helping me out in a way that made my experience far better than it would have been without your assistance.” – Mr. Sethi

“I enjoyed practicing, I went live, and I finished positive!” – Liz (professional day-trader)

“I’ve had breakthroughs of life altering proportions as a result of your direct work with me.” – M. Royster.

“I found the frame of reference very empowering – I’m excited about everything that’s happening!” – Steve

“You simplify what seemed complicated.” – Ron

“I’m healthier than ever, and my energy level has helped my business.” – Jim R.

“The BEST thing is you’ve taught me HOW to work my brain. When i get an emotion now, no matter what it is, I know EXACTLY why.” – Chris H.

“Now, I can overcome any obstacle because I am aware of what my mind can do.” – Levi F.

Trish Bailey

Trish Bailey, co-founder of Transforming Changes, is known for her almost magical intuition and understanding. She has more than a decade of experience in coaching and educating in various disciplines. Students and clients often relate how quickly they connect with her – and how her easy style helps them achieve goals even faster than expected.

Trish is a published author, working in fiction and short-story format, and is experienced at the subtle art of inspiring client change through custom-crafted story and metaphor.

She has been a certified Hypnotherapist and executive coach since 2001, having received training from Michael Bennett and Janis Ericson. She has held membership in various professional organizations, including: Society of NLP, National Guild of Hypnotists, International Hypnosis Hall of Fame Guild, American Board of Hypnotherapy, and American Association of Behavioral Therapists. She has been practicing the martial art of Aikido since 1997, and is a licensed instructor in that discipline.

Trish is co-developer of the Motivational Literacy® system for personal effectiveness. Contact Trish now to arrange a CONSULTATION!

“Trish – Thank you for all your help! I am me again!” – Tracy M., Nurse

“Trish – I have been using the tools you taught me yesterday with many other situations/resentments that I have been holding on to … I feel like letting go of the things that have been weighing me down may just lead me to be lighter, free-er, and calmer/happier.  THANKS!  I’m sure this is just the beginning and … I am so glad that you have shown me something that actually works and is fairly easy to work it!” – Natalie