Business Services

Transform your company!

No matter what you sell or provide, understanding the motivations and habits of the customer, the employees, the competition – and ultimately the self – is vital to success. Transforming Changes provides business services relative to your unique customer base, your employees, and your own motivational patterns.

We can even help with pre-employment performance screening based on our Motivational Mapping™ technology. Contact us to arrange a CONSULTATION.

Public Speaking:

We provide presentations and training talks on a variety of subject matter relating to:

  • peak performance
  • influence, sales & management
  • motivation
  • self-mastery
  • relationship and communication skills

Hypnotically successful sales:

How is your closing rate?
How is your customer satisfaction?
How is your referral rate?

If you would like to learn how to quickly and easily improve all three the hypnotic closing is for you. Customers won’t do what they haven’t been conditioned to do – and that includes being happy with products or services they’ve purchased. An ecstatic customer is a referral machine – How many would you like?

Executive Optimization:

One of the pitfalls of achievement is that it is easy to become numb to what isn’t working as good as it could be. Often, at higher levels of performance (like the Olympics) the difference between second place and winner is in the finest of details and smallest of margins. Our Executive Optimization program reveals the places in your game that are ripe for streamlining – and provides the help to sharpen your winning edge fast.