Pain Management

Chronic pain may take many different forms, such as migraine headaches, spinal injuries, or amputation (phantom limb pain). And, one of the physical symptoms of stress may be an increase in chronic pain.

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Studies indicate that 75% or more of patients can benefit from hypnotherapy techniques for reducing pain, and a British Psychological Society publication (March 2001, page9) said: “Hypnosis is almost certainly underused in acute pain management by the medical professions … Attitudes are changing however, in light of growing supportive evidence.”

A hypnotist will require a release from the patient’s doctor before using hypnotherapy techniques to reduce pain. And, although experiencing pain relief through hypnosis techniques is a unique exploration for each person, Hypnotherapy for pain relief is  effective, completely safe and non-toxic. It has no known harmful side effects.

We also have a good deal of experience helping to increase end-of-life comfort through hypnotherapy, with benefits that include reducing pain and anxiety as well as often lessening dependence on chemical pain relievers, permitting the patient to be more lucid in their final days. These services can be provided on-location…

If you are suffering chronic pain and would like to explore a safe, chemical-free way to increase your comfort, contact us to schedule your SCREENING to determine that you qualify.