Bullying Resources

This series of articles by John Bailey is a collection of functional resources for parents, teachers, and kids to cope with bullying issues. These materials are based in science, psychology, and proven outcomes.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a bullying issue, invite them to contact Mr. Bailey for consultation or training. If your group would like to host a talk or seminar by Mr. Bailey, contact him to make arrangements.

What is Bullying?

Who Are the Bullies?

A Culture of Bullying

Culture of Bullying Revisited

Bullying and Social Exclusion

Anti-Bullying: Self Esteem

Self Esteem with Motivational Literacy

Stand Up Against Bullies

Stop Name Calling

What is CyberBullying?

How to Deal with CyberBullying

Why do Some Kids Always Get Bullied?

Always Getting Bullied


When to Take Action Against Bullying

Risk Factors for Bullying (part 1)

Risk Factors for Bullying (part 2)

Understand Bullying: the Fear Factor

Understand Bullying: the Frustration Factor

Understand Bullying: Angry Kids

Understand Bullying: Why Some Surrender

Understand Bullying: Sad Kids

Understand Bullying: The Role of Shame

Understand Bullying: Overcoming Shame

Group Bullying (part one)

Group Bullying (part two)

Defuse Bullying with Resilience and Humor