Motivational Seminars

These are not your ordinary motivational seminars with a bunch of “rah-rah” foolishness or “big group hugs”. Our seminars are about real-world-useful nuts-and-bolts-application of the most cutting-edge behavioral science:

  • You’ll find all sorts of seminars saying “communicate with your spouse” – but few others have a solid, proven, structure-based system for doing it. We do.
  • You’ll find seminars that say “use a to-do-list to increase productivity” – but none of the others tell you how to scientifically structure the list to maximize the motivational benefit. We do.
  • You can find all sorts of seminars saying things like “forgive and you’ll feel better” – but nobody else has a proven, science-based protocol to actually help you achieve that. WE DO.
  • Most motivational seminars are long on supposed “know-how” – telling you what to do – while we provide you the hands-on “do-how” to put the technology to work – immediately.

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Please Understand:
Communicating With Motivational Literacy®

Most people will admit having been the victim of a misunderstanding, but few will admit being the cause. In today’s fast-paced society and economy, being understood makes all the difference in getting a job or getting a date. And, after you’re hired – or married – being understood makes all the difference in getting along! Motivational Literacy® provides the tools for understanding – and being understood.